How to Choose Best Bathroom Mirror

The best bathroom mirror is one of the important cores of bathroom decoration. It is very particular about the style, practicality and safety of the bathroom. Nowadays, the appearance of bathroom mirrors is diverse, either square or oval. Shape, or a single overall mirror edge edging, mirror carving, exquisite and practical, or as a part of the bathroom cabinet, with the mirror lamp bathroom cabinet, the storage function is powerful… How should we judge which bathroom mirror we buy in order to be both fashionable and technological Practical and safe?

What is the best bathroom mirror?

Best Bathroom Mirror

Whether you want to reorganize your entire bathroom, or just want to reflect your style with eye-catching parts, we can have many bathroom mirror ideas to help you get inspiration.
Here are our favorite bathroom mirror ideas and themes:

Shape and style

Bathroom mirrors are mainly oval, square, and round. Generally, oval and round are more suitable for romantic bathroom environments such as European and Mediterranean styles, while squares are more suitable for subtle, American, and Chinese styles. The bathroom atmosphere, with different frame materials, can create a retro or modern, or simple origin.

Stepless dimming

Users can also adjust the brightness of the light freely by touching and closing the mirror according to their situation.

Color and size thickness

In terms of size and color, bathroom mirrors pay attention to harmony and coordination with the entire bathroom environment. Therefore, the color of the frame should mainly match the theme colors of the bathroom wall. The size is recommended to be in the range of 500-600mm (except for the floor bathroom mirror), and the thickness is recommended to be About 5-8mm, the bath mirror is too thin and may burst and break.

Texture material

High-grade silver mirror glass is made by adopting modern advanced mirror-making technology, choosing special-grade float glass as the original film, and going through a series of processes such as sensitization treatment, silver plating, and application of protective paint film. It is characterized by high-definition imaging, good reflectivity, high color purity and high restoration, natural images, durable even in humid environments, and the effect greatly exceeds that of aluminum mirrors and is more popular in the market.. If special makeup is required, it is necessary to supplement the light with the mirror lamp.

Bathroom mirror style

There are three main types: large bath mirror, table mirror, and embedded bath mirror. The use of large bath mirrors is more popular. It is installed directly on the wall of the bathroom and is generally equipped with a corresponding style of wash basin, which greatly improves the decoration of the bathroom space. The table mirror is also called a makeup mirror. They are relatively small and suitable for women’s delicate makeup after washing. The telescopic bracket is fixed on the wall. The built-in bath mirror is generally in the form of a mirror cabinet. When decorating, please insert it directly into the small wall cabinet. The cut mirror is glued to the cabinet door. The advantage of the mirror cabinet is that it can save space. When the door is closed, it can be used as a bathroom mirror. Daily skin care products, cosmetics, and bath products can all be placed in the cabinet.

Frameless or framed mirror

Frameless or framed mirrors, frameless mirrors are a good choice in a simple and modern style. No frills, no complicated textures. Bathroom mirrors with frames are more decorative, and you can choose the frame color that echoes the washbasin or the wall. It can establish a visual design connection and make the bathroom more aesthetic. The frame colors are generally black, champagne gold, light luxury gold, silver and white. There are still many choices, and you can choose according to your own decoration style.

Luminous position

Bathroom mirrors basically rely on LED lights to emit light. The light-emitting positions of LED lights generally include internal light, side light, and external light. The light from the inside is more concentrated, and the effect of makeup is usually better.

The best bathroom mirrors generally have functions:

The most basic waterproof function of the smart mirror uses imported LED strips, preferably LED chips. The LED chip has the characteristics of high brightness, energy-saving, waterproof, etc., and is durable. The whole body is waterproof and the circuit is sealed, it is safer and more assured to use.

Music Playback

The smart mirror can be inserted into the memory card to play the songs in it or download the music APP to play your favorite music, which allowing you to enjoy the music accompany when brushing your teeth, washing your face, or taking a bath.

The best bathroom mirrors generally have functions:

Anti-fog function

The water vapor brought out when taking a bath in the bathroom always fogs up the mirror and makes the mirror useless. With the advancement of technology, a solution has emerged to this problem that has made many people crazy. A good bathroom mirror will have a tailor-made anti-fog film. This is a semi-transparent polyester film, a special conductive heating material is sealed and sandwiched between two layers of polyester film material. It uses electric heating effect, which will generate heat after being energized. This function allows you to see a clear mirror even when the water is foggy.

Bathroom mirror waterproof and rustproof

Ordinary mirrors will become dim if they are placed in a relatively humid place for a long time, and they may even rust and fall off. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the waterproof and dust-proof function of the mirror. A good bathroom mirror is coated with a special waterproof material on the back, which can prevent mildew, cracks, and even falling off on the back of the bathroom mirror. If the bathroom has a built-in LED light strip, the LED mirror adopts a waterproof and moisture-proof back panel, IP54 grade, to ensure safe lighting in a humid bathroom environment. Therefore, it is very important to choose a bathroom mirror with a waterproof function.

Bathroom mirror with stepless dimming and color temperature

ED bathroom mirrors are made of environmentally friendly materials and will not cause any impact on the environment. Compared with general mirror headlight settings, LED bathroom mirrors bring light into the mirror, making it display a clearer image. The more important point is to avoid the possibility of electric shock when children touch the headlights of the rearview mirror, because there is only one touch-screen button on the front of the rearview mirror, so there is no possibility of electric shock. It can be operated even if you have water on your hands. Because LED lights have a certain degree of water resistance, they can be used with confidence. The color temperature of the LED light source is about 6000K for white light and 3000K for warm light. Can choose single color or three colors according to the room light. Monochrome is white light, yellow light and natural light. You can choose any color; three colors refer to the alternate use of white light, yellow light, and natural light. The bathroom mirror also has the function of stepless dimming, that is, the light changes from dark to bright, from bright to dark, so that the same color presents a gradual effect. Whether it is dimming or color temperature, long press for three seconds to switch freely, and there is a memory function, that is, turn off and turn on, the light is still turned on as last time.

Time temperature function

The smart mirror has time and temperature display, you can see it when you brush your teeth and wash your face.You can get a good grasp of the time when you usually put on makeup, so you don’t have to worry about being late for forgetting the time. The temperature function is also very practical, depending on the temperature to determine what you wear today.

Movie and TV function

Most smart mirrors can play music by connecting to Bluetooth or WIFI. You can listen to songs while taking a shower, and you can also answer the phone. A small part can also play videos and view news, which is very intelligent and convenient.

Smart sensor

There are some bathroom mirrors on the market with built-in infrared sensors or voice-activated sensors, which can intelligently sense the position of the human body. Friends who are used to going to the toilet at night no longer have to fumble for light switches in the dark. However, this function is also dependent on the person, not that it must be possessed.

Explosion-proof function

The mirror is subjected to explosion-proof treatment through a special process, and an explosion-proof film is added. Even if it is broken by an external impact, it will stick together, and there will be no fragments splashing, which is very safe.

The best cost-effective bathroom mirror recommendation

This has smart touch dimming and defogging functions

This bathroom mirror uses high-quality LED chips, soft lighting, looks very comfortable, suitable for most styles of bathroom decoration style.

Bathroom mirror with clock

This model is adjustable in three colors of white, white warm and warm light, one-key defogging, and a clock display. The overall style is very simple. You can switch multiple lighting modes and defogging with one-click. The mirror treatment is also very good. , The mirror has 8 layers. The texture of the mirror is also quite good, and the bathroom is upgraded instantly when installed.

Temperature control defogging, two-color lighting, digital display

The integration of light and mirror can be regarded as a more popular trend now. This smart bathroom light mirror uses full HD silver mirror and global shadowless light technology. Not to mention the clear image, it can also truly restore makeup, which is really true for girls. Too important! In addition, it can also display intelligent digital display, one-touch temperature control and defogging, which is very convenient and fast. This is the charm of science and technology!

Picture-in-round mirror design

A big mirror and a small mirror intersect, it is very layered. Functions include light adjustment and defogging. This is the design style is very unique. The double mirror design is still relatively rare in ordinary households. If you have a sufficient budget, you can consider buying it. Make your bathroom different from others and more unique.

framed backlit mirror

Are you looking for a backlit mirror to match your modern and simple home environment, with an exquisite and concise appearance that shows taste? The integration of the black frame makes the whole home style reflect the “inadvertent” low-key luxury.
When the backlit light is on, it is not the light that touches the soul, but the eternal beauty, the classic beauty.

Illuminated mirror cabinet

Choose a smart mirror cabinet with integrated storage. The mirror door is made of double-sided mirrors. Inside the mirror cabinet, a layer is made to facilitate the placement of various skin care products, cosmetics and toiletries. The height of the layer can be adjusted and taken out at will, which is convenient for placing items of different heights. The use is very flexible and the experience is excellent. After the light strip and the silver mirror back plate are matched, the overall visual sense is transparent and atmospheric, and the visual effect is magnified ten times! The mute damping hinge of the cabinet door is very important. It is cushioning and damping. It is not afraid of the impact of the closing force. The cabinet door is not afraid to damage it. Also, if there are children in the family, it is not afraid of being caught. It is durable and protects the mirror surface to reduce the impact.

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