This is a step-by-step method for hanging a frameless bathroom mirror. What to pay attention to when installing

How to Hang a Frameless Bathroom Mirror

Step by step to hang a frameless mirror

1. Assemble frameless bathroom mirror

The frameless bathroom mirror of the main bathroom has a partition, but it needs to be assembled before installation. The method of assembling is very simple, and it can be fixed by nails and screwdrivers. The mirror of the second guard does not need to be installed with partitions, but the nail-hung fasteners on the back are not installed and need to be installed in advance. When installing, you need to measure the position, and then use a screwdriver to fix the fastener to the back of the bathroom mirror frame.

2. Determine the installation position of the frameless bathroom mirror

The installation height of the bathroom mirror is generally about 20 cm away from the countertop. When installing, you need to determine the installation location and the location of the hanging nails. Also use tape measure and crayons for positioning.

3. Drilling and rubber particles

Same as drilling on the wall of the main guard, first use an impact drill to punch holes in the marked positions. Then use a hand hammer to put the rubber particles into the hole.

4. Install the peg

Next, drive the screws into the mounting holes, but you need to leave a small section, not all of them can be driven into the holes. The protruding nails are just used to hang the mirror.

5. Put on a mirror

After the nails are installed, you can align the fasteners of the mirror with the nails and hang the mirror on the nails. If there is an error and the alignment is not correct, you can slightly change the deflection of the nail with a hammer or the like.

What to pay attention to when installing bathroom mirrors

1. Stay away from the shower or the back of the bathtub

Because of safety considerations, it is necessary to give people enough space for bathing activities. The mirror should not face the door or window of the bathroom. It is best to face the wall. This is not only to protect personal privacy, but also from the perspective of Feng Shui.

2. Installation height

Try to put your face in the middle of the mirror, so that the imaging effect is better. Under normal circumstances, the center of the mirror is best to be 160-165 cm from the ground.

3. The most suitable position for the bathroom mirror

The best place for the bathroom mirror to be installed is where the entire bathroom has sufficient lighting and good feng shui.
Which side of the bathroom mirror should be placed, choose the position according to these elements. After all, bathrooms of different sizes have different layouts for the location of the bathroom, resulting in different final installation positions of the bathroom cabinets, so the installation positions of the bathroom mirrors are also different.

4. Do not face the bathroom mirror against the window.

Feng Shui believes that the bathroom is a place where the yin is heavy, and the mirror has the function of gathering yin. Therefore, the bathroom mirror must not be installed by the window, because the environment outside the window is changeable and there are too many bad things. The bathroom mirror facing the window will bring bad luck outside the house and affect every aspect of the family’s fortune. Therefore, from the perspective of Feng Shui, the installation of bathroom mirrors should avoid facing the windows.

There are five main steps in the installation of bathroom mirrors, which are assembling the bathroom mirror, determining the installation position of the bathroom mirror, drilling and applying glue, installing nails, and installing the mirror. The installation position of the bathroom mirror should be far away from the shower or bathtub. The installation height should be determined according to the height of each person. The best location is a well-lit place, and the bathroom mirror should not face the window.

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