Art-No: 3007T-L-BK

Black Round Bathroom Mirror

The decoration of the black round mirror looks completely new in the bathroom. The rounded black frame appearance and adjustable back lighting make it low-key and luxurious. Both classic and modern bathroom styles are suitable for decoration.

● Copper free silver mirror
● Anti-corrosion treatment
● 2835 SMD LED,90-100lm/W
CRI: 80+/90+
● Color temperatures:
● TUV / UL LED driver
● IP44 / Damp location

Size inch
● 24“
● 30”
● 36“
● 42”
● 24“*30”
● 24“*36”
● 30“*40”
● 32“*46”

● Anti-fog
● Touch sensor
CCT changing
● LED clock Temperature

● Matt black
● Golden
● Bronze
● Brushed silver

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Black Round Mirror

Stepless Adjustment of Color Temperature

You can switch the color of the sky lights according to your own preferences, from 3000K warm light to 4000K warm white light to 6000K white light, Turn it on again to remember the last adjusted color temperature

Dimmable Round Black Framed Mirror


Stepless dimming: According to your own preferences and environmental needs, you can freely turn on the brightness of the light through the mirror touch switch

Black Framed Rectangular Backlit Mirror

Temperature Control Defogging

Built-in PET electric heating defogging film, specially designed for the bathroom environment where moisture can not be discharged in time, reducing the trouble of fog interference

Dimmable Round Black Framed Mirror

Anti-explosion Mirror

Even if the STANHOM Anti Explosion lens is damaged by impact, there will be no fragments flying out, because the lens is pasted with a safety PVC protective film, and the fragments are stuck together, which is more secure.

Frameless Mirror With Lights anti fog

Copper-free Silver Mirror

5MM high-definition copper-free silver mirror is anti-oxidation, high-definition imaging is not deformed, the lacquer is durable and long-lasting, the mirror is transparent and clear

Frameless Mirror With Lights ant fog

Safety Waterproof LED Light Strip

Custom-made insulated safety waterproof LED light strip, high brightness color rendering, durable and safe, it uses 2835 lamp beads, internal pure copper wire, working voltage is 12V safety voltage, color temperature: 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K

Dimmable Round Black Framed Mirror

Aluminum Alloy Black Frame Mirror

Using aluminum alloy wire drawing frame technology, no rust or oxidation, integrated welding technology, compared with wooden frames and iron frames, aluminum alloy will not oxidize and rust in a humid environment, and has a longer service life

Frameless Backlit LED Lighted Mirror

Wiring Method

1、Connect the cut power cord to the reserved light cord
2、Use the power plug directly and plug it into the socket next to it

Frameless Backlit LED Lighted Mirror

Installation Method

Use a ruler to measure the distance, determine the location of the hole, and then use an electric drill to make the hole
, Use a hammer to install the plastic expansion plug, then use a screwdriver to screw in the expansion screw, hang the mirror, and finally check whether the mirror is installed firmly

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