Smart Fitness Mirror

STANHOM smart fitness mirror is the perfect combination of modern technology. The classic and simple design is paired with a smart Android system, with a variety of advanced functions, and the large screen can be adapted to various uses and scenarios. It provides you with daily information on weather, temperature, and more, and you can follow along with tutorials in the fitness app. Health management systems include skin testers and scales.

● Google Playstore
● IP44 / Damp location
● Date, Time, Weathere
● Music & Video players
● Browse the Internet for information
● Health Management System
● Camera

● Size:600*800mm
● OS:Android 11.0
● RAM:2G
● ROM:16G
● UPC:Rockchip 3288
● Display:32″
● WIFI:2.4G/4G 802.11 b/g/n
● Interface:USB, OTG
● Resolution:1920×1080
● Bluetooth:5.0
● Switch:Touch button

STANHOM Smart Fitness Mirrors That Change Your Lifestyle

Experience your favorite workout style.
Achieve your fitness goals with ease with a fully interactive display featuring the latest fitness classes and personalized virtual trainer sessions.When your smart fitness mirror is not in use, it is an elegant mirror that fits anywhere.

Smart Fitness Mirror

Various APPs in Google Play Store

1.The pre-installed apps on the STANHOM Smart Fitness Mirror display check the time, weather and email.
2.Search YouTube’s extensive online video platform. Browse channels for beauty tutorials, fashion guides, sports, DIY, cooking, health, and more without incurring any extra or subscription fees from STANHOM.
3.Search the web using your favorite browser; watch videos, listen to music, browse news, and more.

Smart Fitness Mirror

Health Management

Through the bluetooth link, your smart weighing scale, Skin Moisture Tester, Blood Pressure Monitor, etc. connect to STANHOM and view everything on the mirror..

Smart Fitness Mirror

Provide Customized Services

Customize your company’s brand logo and custom sizes.

Smart Fitness Mirror


STANHOM fitness smart mirror can also take pictures or record videos, and can also video chat on social APPs.

The Video Explains it All

This smart mirror is versatile and easy to use. It’s a regular mirror when closed, or a smart display when open.

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