Smart Mirror has been widely used in Intelligent home decoration, especially in the rooms of bathroom, Kitchen, bedroom. And it is getting “smarter and smarter” with the application of the Hi-Tech. You may hear smart mirrors a lot, but have no idea on what they look like, how they work, or how many categories they are. Do not walk away, you will get all from the below.

What is Smart Mirror?


The smart mirror is simply composed of two parts: one is an LED mirror with ordinary functions, and the other is an intelligent multimedia display. Equipped with a smart Android system, high-definition screen, multiple external device access ports, customized modules, touch screen, camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. After opening, the mirror will turn into a high-definition smart display, which can display the latest weather forecast, personal health data, and the latest information. You can also watch TV, movies, surf the Internet, watch the news, listen to music, take photos, and video chat. After turning off the TV, the screen disappears, showing a normal mirror effect. All these constitute the best smart mirror of your dreams.

How does Smart Mirror work? Here is a detailed answer to its features:

CCT changing

Users can adjust the color of the light according to their preferences by touching and closing the mirror, from three thousand yellow light to four thousand warm white light to six thousand white light, choose whatever you want.

Stepless dimming

Users can also adjust the brightness of the light freely by touching and closing the mirror according to their situation.

The mirror can be temperature-controlled and defogging

Built-in heating pad, temperature control defogging technology, craftsman’s heart, fast defogging, no fog on the mirror surface, keeping it clean at all times.

Explosion-Proof Mirror

The explosion-proof ability of the smart mirror is very good, even if the mirror surface is hit by an external force, it will not splash. The mirror is treated with a high-viscosity explosion-proof film, which can protect our bodies.


This high-definition silver mirror meets EU standard, copper-free environmentally friendly high-definition silver mirror adopts anti-oxidation coating, which is not easy to oxidize and rust. Non-black and copper-free environmental protection mirror, durable.

Time-Adjustable Mirror

The system time can be adjusted and corrected freely, and the touch buttons are more sensitive and fashionable.


Our smartphone can be connected to a smart mirror via bluetooth.Thus, you will not miss the call when you take a bath or make-up.

Full-Body Waterproof

The most basic waterproof function of the smart mirror uses imported LED strips, preferably LED chips. The LED chip has the characteristics of high brightness, energy-saving, waterproof, etc., and is durable. The whole body is waterproof and the circuit is sealed, it is safer and more assured to use.

Music Playback

The smart mirror can be inserted into the memory card to play the songs in it or download the music APP to play your favorite music, which allowing you to enjoy the music accompany when brushing your teeth, washing your face, or taking a bath.

Smart Mirror Integrated with Android System


STANHOM smart mirror is equipped with a smart Android system, which is as easy to operate as a mobile phone. As long as you connect to the WiFi wireless network, you can get the most desired information while brushing your teeth. Just look in the mirror to keep up to date with the latest weather, browse Google News, or visit the eBay website, the accompanying Google Store, and download any APPs you want at any time.

The floating menu window design can be automatically reduced to the border without occupying display space. The menu can be moved at will. The ultra-thin structure design is convenient for users to install. IP44 waterproof structure, 10-point capacitive touch; And has a good APP expansion function, Install some applications on the market to download, install and use; According to the platform APK provided by the customer, it can be directly made into a floating menu and displayed on the UI interface of the host.

Health Monitoring & Analyzing


Get weight and body fat data and charts on the electronic scale. You can use third-party Bluetooth devices to detect your skin, weight, and other health data.

Through the sensor device, you can detect the moisture and oil content of the face, eye bags, arms, and other parts, and create a personalized comprehensive skin index report-assess skin firmness, brightness, texture, clarity, and overall health. The black technology in the makeup mirror includes a variety of lighting settings, allowing you to see your makeup in any environment. In the future, the bathroom smart mirror will not only provide health testing and entertainment services for everyone but making our lives more convenient and faster.

Bathroom Cabinets Start to Become the Digital Center

In this futuristic concept, when you wash your hands and turn on your clothes while turning on the power, it becomes a touch screen that displays the calendar, weather, and other information, and can also receive WeChat, stocks, news, etc.

Movies, music, and other application software APPs are arranged on it in an orderly manner. You can watch the news, watch TV, read information, etc. by looking up into the mirror; Smart mirrors can also monitor the user’s health and pass relevant information to the user’s doctor so that professionals can learn about health issues in time. Some can even access the smart home system through the central control platform and cloud platform, turning the bathroom mirror into a digital center.

If you want your home have a sense of the future in movies, then hurry up and learn about this product!

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