Frameless Mirror

Frameless Mirror2022-03-24T02:12:40+00:00

The quality of the frameless mirrors produced by the STANHOM factory is guaranteed, and the bulk purchase price is very cheap. Here, the mirror can be customized in shape, function and size, with a 3-year warranty and full certification. We have more than 12 years of export experience and professional sales team to provide you with the best solution.

Let’s Make Things Happen

The elegant and stylish bathroom mirror can bring unexpected effects to the space. STANHOM goes above and beyond to produce beautifully designed products that you can be proud of.

Can I connect my bluetooth device to a smart mirror?2022-12-12T09:40:57+00:00

Just like any other Bluetooth-enabled device, as long as your accessory is in pairing mode, it will pop up on the STANHOM smart mirror. If you have any questions, you can call us for more information.

Is it safe to install my smart mirror in a small bathroom where the shower might cause moisture to form?2022-12-12T09:38:02+00:00

There’s no need to be concerned about water damage from moisture and water beading.

The mirror is sealed and designed to meet an IP65 rating, protecting from water splashing on the surface.

Can I go online and download apps?2022-12-12T09:37:11+00:00

Yes! The experience on the mirror is no different than on a tablet or smartphone. Of course, our mirror also supports the installation of your own designed APP.

Do you provide logistics services?2022-12-12T09:32:38+00:00

Of course, we can provide logistics services worldwide.

What is your warranty?2022-12-12T09:06:59+00:00

We provide 1 year warranty within the warranty period.

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