Rectangular Wall Mirror

Rectangular wall mirror are suitable for the decoration of mirror luxury hotels, apartments, and high-end residential bathrooms. The price is favorable, the quality is reliable, and the size and function can be customized. Send your inquiry and we will serve you immediately

● Copper free silver mirror
● Anti-corrosion treatment
● 2835 SMD LED,90-100lm/W
CRI: 80+/90+
● Color temperatures:
● Aluminium frame
● TUV / UL LED driver
● IP44 / Damp location

Size inch
● 24“*36“
● 30”*36”
● 36“*36“
● 42”*36”
● 48“*36”
● Customized

● Anti-fog
● Touch sensor
CCT changing
● LED clock Temperature

● Clear

Rectangular Wall Mirror

Rectangular Wall Mirror – Color Temperature

Rectangular wall mirror, three color temperatures, you can adjust the light color by touch according to your own preferences, from 3000K warm light-4000K neutral light-6000K white light.

Rectangular Wall Mirror

Rectangular Wall Mirror – Dimmable

Long press the touch switch to realize stepless dimming and easily adjust the brightness of the space.

Rectangular Wall Mirror

Rectangular Wall Mirror – Defogging

Electric heating partial defogging technology is adopted to achieve rapid defogging effect through local heating, so that the mirror surface is clear and natural.

Rectangular Wall Mirror

Anti-explosion Mirror

Every mirror of STANHOM is treated with a high-viscosity anti-explosion film, so even if the mirror surface is impacted by an external force, no debris will splash out.

Rectangular Wall Mirror

Copper-free Silver Mirror

Coating with silver nitrate is not easy to be oxidized and not easy to rust. The copper-free environmental protection mirror is more durable and healthy.

Rectangular Wall Mirror

Safety Waterproof LED Light Strip

Optimum LED chips, high color rendering, no flicker, long-lasting durability. Waterproof IP67, anti-leakage, making intelligence more secure.

Rectangular Wall Mirror

Wiring Method

1、Connect the cut power cord to the reserved light cord.
2、Use the power plug directly and plug it into the socket next to it.

Rectangular Wall Mirror

Installation Method

Measure the distance, determine the position, and then punch
, Use a screwdriver to screw in the expansion screw, hang the mirror, and check if it is installed.

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