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STANHOM Touch Screen Smart Mirror

STANHOM Smart Mirror puts more performance, features and benefits at your fingertips. With touch screen, voice and application (App), you can create your own one-of-a-kind smart home.

Art-No: 3004-L-A

Mirror Material STANHOM Smart Mirror
Size (W*H) 700*700mm, 800*800mm, 1000*1000mm or Customized
OS Android 8.1 / Android 11.0
Display 15.6″ / 21.5” capacitive touch screen
WIFI 2.4G/5G 802.11a/b/g/n
Interface USBx2,Support OTG
Power Supply 100V-240Vac 50/60Hz
Resolution 1920×1080(1080P)
Blue-tooth 4.0
Audio Built-in Speakers, 2*3W
Protection Over Voltage / Current Protection

Home Display

The home page displays time, weather, date, and a health management center, where you can set your favorite theme and language settings.

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Google Play

STANHOM touch screen smart mirror supports Google Play, and can install more than 2,000 apps, such as social networking, fitness, games, shopping, smart home and other apps.

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Health Management

STANHOM Smart Mirror lets you use your smart devices like never before.Connect your scale, skin tester, toothbrush, razor, blood pressure measuring device and more to the STANHOM and see everything on the mirror.

lighted led vanity mirror

Online Video Chat

The STANHOM smart mirror has a built-in front-facing 1300-pixel camera. Social software can not only chat by text and text, but also chat by video. Such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Zoom and other apps.

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Customized Service

STANHOM smart mirror can provide customized services: Whole mirror size / Display size / Startup logo / Frame material, color / Hardware parameter configuration / Pre-installed App / Custom App / Support different styles of themes.

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Watch TV Content

Get ready to watch movies on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube or Amazon. Everything you can do on your phone, your smart mirror now gives you a bigger size and it’s super convenient.

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Social Media

STANHOM Smart Mirror allows you to download your favorite social media apps that you use every day, and you can follow up with your friends and interact with others.

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STANHOM smart mirror only needs to install the fitness app, and you can exercise at home anytime.

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Smart Voice Assistant

STANHOM Smart Mirror comes with Google Voice Assistant and also supports the installation of Amazon Alexa and other smart assistants, so we can do everything through voice, even control our smart home.

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Smart Home Solutions

The application of STANHOM smart mirror in modern smart home makes the overall solution more perfect. As long as smart devices are wirelessly connected to smart home applications, remote control can be achieved through applications to create a safe, comfortable and convenient modern life experience.

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Application Scenario

The high-definition large screen of STANHOM smart mirror is more convenient to operate, with clearer picture quality, and looks very sci-fi.

lighted led vanity mirror
lighted led vanity mirror

Our Service

STANHOM has long-term cooperation with many buyers with efficient service and reliable product quality. Please contact us and fill in your requirements in detail. We will come back with better service.

Custom Production

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After-sales Service

Efficient Production Line

The production base covers an area of 6,000 square meters, the production line has advanced production equipment and testing instruments, and a large number of skilled employees make us a leading supplier in the industry.

Smart Mirror Packaging

STANHOM provides customers with professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging and has passed the drop test.

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PE bag + Protective EPE + Inner Carton + Outer Carton

Packaging for Wholesalers and Retailers

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PE Bag + Foam(20KG Strong) + Carton

Packaging for Construction Contractors

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White Box & Colorful Box & Wooden Pallet

Other Packaging Methods

Cooperation Customer

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STANHOM always adheres to product quality as the core, and at the same time makes every buyer who purchases in STANHOM in bulk more time-saving, more efficient and more cost-effective. And provide complete solutions for different types of customers.

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