Art-No: 3007-L-70-A

Android Smart Bathroom Mirror

This is a smart bathroom mirror that combines art and technology and it has a built-in 8.1 Android system, comes with wifi, Bluetooth, voice, and camera functions. You can also download your favorite APP through the Google App Store. There are 2 high-speed USB ports, 1 high-speed network cable port, and 1 HDMI video transmission port behind the display. This is no longer a simple mirror, but a smart terminal. It can display everything you want, and you can wash Later, you can view information, climate, health index, news, stock market information, and other data through the touch screen.

● Display:13.3″
capacitive touch screen
● Operation System:
Android 11.0
● CPU:RK3288,
RAM 2GB,Flash 16GB
● Wifi: 2.4G 802.11a/b/g/n
● RAM: 2G
● ROM: 16G
● Bluetooth: 4.0
● Resolution: 1920×1080
● Interface: USBx2

Size mm
● 700 Dia.

● Google Playstore available
● Download Apps
● DatDate, Time, Weathere
● Music & Video players
● Touch switches for power and light
● CCT changing

android smart bathroom mirror

Function Collection

When a mirror integrates so many smart functions, what an amazing product it is, it can make your daily life full of technology.

android smart bathroom mirror

Health Management

Bluetooth connection with third-party testing equipment can measure body fat content, skin moisture content, sebum health, blood pressure, and let you know your daily health

android smart bathroom mirror

Application Collection

The STANHOM smart mirror system is developed on the Android system. It comes with useful applications. It also allows you to download your favorite entertainment, fitness, and life-related apps from the Google App Store.

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