Android Smart Bathroom Mirror

Android Smart Bathroom Mirror

STANHOM Smart Bathroom Mirror

STANHOM smart bathroom mirror has a built-in 11 Android system, which has wifi, bluetooth, voice, camera and other functions. You can also download your favorite APP through Google Play Store. It can display everything you want, and when you wash up in the morning, you can check information, climate, health index, news, stock market information and other data through the touch screen.

Mirror Material Smart
Bathroom Mirror
Size (W*H) 700mm, 800mm, 1000mm or Customized
OS Android 8.1 / Android 11.0
Display 15.6″ / 21.5” capacitive touch screen
WIFI 2.4G/5G 802.11a/b/g/n
Interface USBx2,Support OTG
Power Supply 100V-240Vac 50/60Hz
Resolution 1920×1080(1080P)
Blue-tooth 4.0
Audio Built-in Speakers, 2*3W
Protection Over Voltage / Current Protection

Smart Mirror Features

Android Smart Bathroom Mirror

Support Google

Our android smart bathroom mirror supports almost all Google services, such as Google Voice Assistant, Google App Store, Google Home, Google Mail, etc.

smart bathroom mirror

Function Collection

When a bathroom mirror integrates so many smart functions, what an amazing product it is, it can make your daily life full of technology.

Smart Bathroom Mirror

Application Collection

The STANHOM smart bathroom mirror system is developed on the Android system. It comes with useful applications. It also allows you to download your favorite entertainment, fitness, and life-related apps from the Google App Store.

Android Smart Bathroom Mirror

Watch Movies Online

STANHOME smart bathroom mirror supports online movie viewing applications such as Youtube, Netflix, and Disney. You can watch your favorite movies anytime.

android smart bathroom mirror

Online Shopping

You can buy what you need on Amazon and eBay while washing your face or putting on makeup.

Android Smart Bathroom Mirror

Google Voice Assistant

STANHOM android smart bathroom mirror has a built-in Google smart voice assistant, and all functions can be controlled by voice.

Smart Bathroom Mirror

Health Management

Bluetooth connection with third-party testing equipment can measure body fat content, skin moisture content, sebum health, blood pressure, and let you know your daily health.

Smart Bathroom Mirror Production Line

As a modern smart mirror manufacturer, STANHOM has multiple production lines to meet the different needs of customers.

Android Smart Bathroom Mirror

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Can I connect my bluetooth device to a smart mirror?2022-12-12T09:40:57+00:00

Just like any other Bluetooth-enabled device, as long as your accessory is in pairing mode, it will pop up on the STANHOM smart mirror. If you have any questions, you can call us for more information.

Is it safe to install my smart mirror in a small bathroom where the shower might cause moisture to form?2022-12-12T09:38:02+00:00

There’s no need to be concerned about water damage from moisture and water beading.

The mirror is sealed and designed to meet an IP65 rating, protecting from water splashing on the surface.

Can I go online and download apps?2022-12-12T09:37:11+00:00

Yes! The experience on the mirror is no different than on a tablet or smartphone. Of course, our mirror also supports the installation of your own designed APP.

Do you provide logistics services?2022-12-12T09:32:38+00:00

Of course, we can provide logistics services worldwide.

What is your warranty?2022-12-12T09:06:59+00:00

We provide 1 year warranty within the warranty period.

Can your smart mirror be customized?2022-12-12T09:05:05+00:00

Yes we can customize the products according to your demand.

Where is your factory and showroom?2022-12-12T09:07:40+00:00

We are located in Nanhai district of Foshan city. We have the showroom at our factory. Welcome to visit us!

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